Full Body Oil Massage (30% OFF FROM BELOW PRICE)

Our therapists use many different techniques from around the world, and tailor the treatment to your needs. From gentle flowing to a strong deep tissue massage your therapist will use their experience and knowledge to leave you feeling blissed-out and tension-free.

30USD/ 60minutes, USD42/ 90minutes

Touch of Cambodia – dry full body massage (50% OFF FROM BELOW PRICE)

Khmer traditional techniques, using thumbs and palm pressure with gentle stretching to unblock, release tension and make your body flexible.

30USD/ 60minutes, USD38/ 90minutes, USD48/ 120minutes

Kissing the earth – foot & leg massage (50% OFF FROM BELOW PRICE)

After a long day of walking through the temples or town, your feet and legs will be grateful for a little indulgence.  Each organ of the body is connected to the reflex points of the feet via meridian energy lines. By applying pressure to these points we can release blocked energy and stimulate better energy flow which helps to release stress and tension. Increasing circulation will also aid in toxin release leaving your whole body feeling fabulous.

26USD/ 60minutes

Hot Herbal Compress – full body massage (30% OFF FROM BELOW PRICE)

Traditionally Khmers use local herbs medicinally. Lemongrass, yellow ginger and kaffir lime leaf are used to make the herbal pound which is then heated to release the benefits of the herbs and combined with an oil or dry full body massage. This massage is renowned for being invigorating, purifying, detoxifying and releasing tension. 

45USD/ 90minutes, 55USD/ 120minutes

Hot stones – full body massage (30% OFF FROM BELOW PRICE)

Using a type of stone that is rich in iron and retains heat, this treatment relaxes the muscles fully, allowing the therapist to release deeply held tension and leaving you in a state of bliss. Other benefits include improvement of circulation and detoxification, resulting in a feeling of rejuvenation.

50USD/ 90minutes, USD60/ 120minutes 

Beauty Treatments

Herbal scrub
Before getting married and after delivering a baby, it is a Khmer custom to scrub the body with a special blend of local aromatic herbs.  As well as exfoliating and hydrating, the herbs have very beneficial properties, leaving the skin silky soft. Recommended before a massage.

25USD/ 60minutes

Body Wrap

Using organic local products and clays our full body wrap nourishes and promotes regeneration of the skin, improving its tone and texture.  A head massage will help you to relax further whilst you are cocooning in the wrap, and a generous application of our luscious body lotion will help the skin seal in hydration and nutrients. This treatment is best combined with a body scrub.

25USD/ 60minutes

Spa Facial

The health of the skin reflects health inside the body.  By applying gentle pressure to points on the face we can stimulate healing of specific organs and the internal body and help to enhance the removal of accumulated toxins promoting healthy, balanced and radiant skin. You will also receive a relaxing head massage whilst the face mask sinks in. Our techniques are adapted to work in harmony with our unique local products making your skin healthy, glowing and nourished.

USD40/ 60minutes, USD50/ 90minutes


Reward yourself after a long day with a relaxing bath and rejuvenate the body.

USD20/ 30minutes


15USD/ 60minutes


15USD/ 60minutes

Polish Change

8USD/ 30minutes

Scrub, Wrap, facial

This package begins with a cleansing, invigorating full body scrub, using local herbs known for their beneficial properties. A cocooning body wrap will nourish, hydrate and relax the body before our natural product facial treatment.

USD70/ 150minutes

Scrub, Massage, Wrap

The scrub is an ideal preparation before a massage, exfoliating the skin and preparing the muscles and our full body massage will relax, release tension and increase circulation, ready to receive all the nourishing benefits of our body wrap. A head massage completes this treatment whilst you are cocooning in the wrap.

65USD/ 150minutes